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5D glides into Channel 4 show titles on Skatecam


Thanks to Alvin Burrows for supplying us with this photo of his ingenious SkateCam mount for his 5D. It was used in the filming of the titles for UK's Channel 4 prime time show Beeny's Restoration Nightmare.

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare involves the British queen of TV property, Sarah Beeney trying to practice what she preaches in saving a Yorkshire stately home from ruin.

If you want to watch the complete title sequence and some of the ungraded rushes then take a look on Alvin's blog. This is what he had to say about the experience:

''Time was tight and I was working around just about every building trade you could think of, my extremely versatile and compact SkateCam and 5DMK2 made the job a pleasure to shoot. The light in the house was almost magical at times. Lenses used were the Canon 24-70f2.8L and 17-40f4L. I didn't use a Focus Rig, relying instead on a tape measure, a couple of bits of masking tape and a very light touch on the lens!''

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