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  • FCP.co Live Show 13 - WWDC & Final Cut Pro X on Arm-based Processors

    In Live Show 13 we talked  about WWDC and what that means for the Pro Apps (including Final Cut Pro X) running on the new Arm-based processors. We have seen there's a new FCPX, Motion and Compressor coming - what else do we know? Don't miss Jace Sparks talk about future API's for FCPX!

  • WWDC 2020 - Is It the Start of the Move to Arm-based Processors?

    Where were you this time last year? We were waiting to go into WWDC to see the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR for the first time. This year? Nobody is attending, but we do have the Keynote livestream. Will we see the beginning of the transition from Intel to Arm-based processors?