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  • FCP.co Live Show 10 - Free Passes for PPWO & The Orphaned Starfish Foundation

    Show 10 is upon us and we have a great lineup. We will be talking about  Post Production World Online - including how to enter the sweepstake to win a ticket. We also find out how quickly kids adapt to filmmaking using iOS devices and FCPX through The Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

  • FCP.co Live Show 11 - COVID19: Post Production Now and After the Pandemic

    Show 11 on Tuesday 26th of May brings us a team of editors, each have their own story on dealing with COVID19. How has the pandemic affected post production and will anything change after the restrictions are lifted?

  • FCP.co Live Show 12 'UNFCPX' and 3D 180 Editing The Slow Mo Guys

    Show 12 on Tuesday June the 9th brings us some 'unexpected' Final Cut Pro X tutorials from Mike Matzdorff and Michael Yanovich. Both (hopefully) will be with us. We also talk about producing 3D 180 content with FCPX for The Slow Mo Guys with Daniel Fabelo.

  • Join Us for FCP.co Live Show 9

    Today May 5th, we will be on air with show 9 of FCP.co Live! We have Frame.io CEO Emery Wells who will talk about the updated the new Transfer app. We will also giveaway a ticket to the 2020 Post Production World Online event - Worth $299!

  • We Are Back on Air with FCP.Co Live!

    The live show is back... Almost! Our rehearsal that wasn't meant to be a rehearsal went live and it was a lot of fun. Above is the cutdown version, the whole show (swear words and all) is in the article below. Enjoy!.