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Phone Home from The Brothers McLeod on Vimeo.

This is production footage Tom Lowe shot over the summer for his debut film, "TimeScapes," a modern portrait of the American Southwest, using Canon and Red MX cameras. Follow the film's production here.

  • RE:Vision Effects release the Pro version of Twixtor for Final Cut Pro X


    Whilst we were all watching the keynote speech text blog on Monday, RE:Vision effects released the pro version of Twixtor for FCPX. Many thanks to Michael Horton at LAFCPUG for the tip.

  • RE:Vision FX release Twixtor for Final Cut Pro X


    Twixtor is an almost legendary plugin, for retiming footage for that extreme slomo look there isn't a better method. It's been released for FCPX, but sit down before you look at the price.

  • Red Giant release Universe, the community driven ever-expanding collection of plugins

    red giant universe

    The beta has finished, Red Giant has announced that their new collection of plugins called Universe has now been officially released. There are multiple price plans and subscriptions available.

  • Red Giant's Fast 3D Effects in Final Cut Pro

    In this tip Apple Certified Master Trainer Simon Walker shows you how to improve up your workflow by compositing elements in a virtual 3D space with reflections and glow elements, without leaving the Final Cut timeline. He emailed us saying "Why don't you show some of my tutorials". So we are.

  • RED Scarlet camera caught on the way to CES show

    You have to admire that Tonaci Tran, he gets to see the right people at the right time with the right kit. On a recent visit to Red Studios, he managed to doorstep Ted Schilowitz on the way to CES with a Scarlet in his hand. Makes me smile that the video was hot on an iPhone though. Ironic?

     UPDATED 8th Jan  Ted & Scarlet camera get featured on Guardian TV after the break.

  • Replay the Video Presentations From FCPX World, London

    If you attended the FCPX World event in London last month, you would have seen Thomas Grove Carter, James Tonkin and Rory Cantwell/ByronWijayawardenapresent on stage. Three Final Cut Pro X demos that we can now publish on FCP.co. Not to be missed!

  • Reproduce the TopGear custom transitions with this new Final Cut Pro X plugin pack


    The UK BBC TV show TopGear has been using custom transitions to get a very stylised feel to their VT inserts. HyGear is a $49 pack of FCPX transitions that replicate the look.

  • Rgrain $60 film grain clips package for making video look like filmstock


    Rgrain have released a set of film grain clips to overlay onto your footage to make that pin sharp video look like it was shot on a film camera. $60 gets you the set to work in Final Cut Pro and other NLE's

  • Ron Brinkman presents Cameras and our Future


    A fifteen minute presentation on the future of photography from Ron Brinkman, the guy who designed the interface for Shake. We enjoyed it a lot.

  • Scary eyes to pack replacement in this early November Final Cut Pro X tutorial roundup

    nov tut0rail roundup

    Scary eyes, real estate promotion, pack replacement and Larry Jordan. What do they all have in common? They all feature in this roundup of FCPX tutorials. Some basic, some advanced, they are all worth a watch.

  • Scott Simmons compares FCPX to iMovie and lists the similarities

    Take a look at the video above. The new FCPX in action? Wrong, it's an iMovie timeline worked up by Scott Simmonds. Looks slightly familiar doesn't it?

  • See your short film entries on the big screen in Leicester Square on December 4th

    movie machine festival


    Movie Machine's Digital Cinema Festival will showcase footage on the big screen from many different affordable cameras. They are also offering a Blackmagic Cinema camera as a first prize for the best short film entered.

  • Shane Hurlbut and the Redrock Micro ManCam

    Shane Hurlbut ASC talks about HDSLR filmmaking and his use of the Redrock Mancam rigs.

  • Shane Ross and his video review of NAB 2012


    How could we not post Shane Ross's video podcast of this year's NAB Show 2012. When you get the Smoke 2013 Product Manger to reenact a Kiki wipe, you know it's not going to be an ordinary review.

  • Shoot flat on your Nikon D7000 and then edit flat in Final Cut Pro, grade in Color


    You can't have failed to miss the many demo videos about Technicolor's CineStyle picture style that allows Canon DSLR owners more latitude colour correcting video in post production. Nikon owners now have the same opportunity.

  • Shoot on your DSLR with the free 'Cinestyle' picture profile from Technicolor for better grading in post

    ***Update Technicolor have now posted the picture style & new FAQ after the readmore  More 'looks' also planned***

    (First published on 15th April)

    Dan Chung's reports have been excellent this week from NAB, but just for us editors we have saved the best 'till last. This free download from Technicolor will make your 5D or 7D more filmic in post production.

  • Shooting at either end of the 5D spectrum. From pin sharp 3D to a lo-fi $25 Holga Lens

    Shooting 3D with two Canon 5D MkIIs? Apparently it was difficult to achieve because of the GenLock problem, but not for Damian Steck when he produced his Eyes Wide Open film in pin sharp stereoscopic 3D. Pin sharp that is if you're wearing your 3D specs for this anaglyph version. More after the break including news about the Holga.

  • Shooting corporate video on a 5K Red Epic and post producing in Final Cut Pro X

    peragon RED FCPX

    Chris McKechnie dropped us a line with the details of how he made a corporate video for Peragon. Shot on a Red Epic and post produced in Final Cut Pro X and REDCINE-X, we knew it was going to be a good read.

  • Shooting HDR video on a Canon DSLR with Magic Lantern firmware


    ***Updated with Canon 5D Magic Lantern Firmware***

    It seems everybody is after the HDR look these days. Now the lucky owners of some Canon DSLRs can shoot High Dynamic Range video with the new Magic Lantern firmware update.

  • Shot Notes X: Now on the Mac App Store

    shot notes FCPX

    Hot on the heels of the Lumberjack System, Shot Notes X is an application that takes the data from a script supervisor on set and makes it available in the edit. Sam Mestman explains for FCP.co "no dailies, no carts, no labs, and no transcoding!" 

  • SkinTone plugin from CrumplePop gets faces looking the correct colour in FCPX

    crumplepop skintone

    CrumplePop has just released a new plugin for Final Cut Pro X that corrects skin tones back to their natural colour. They are also offering the tool at a discounted price for a short period.

  • Slow motion at 1% using Optical Flow in FCPX


    Final Cut Pro has never been good at slow motion. The introduction of FCPX has now brought Optical Flow retiming within the app -so what does video at 1% of original speed look like?

  • So we missed Halloween, but here is how to make a camera out of a pumpkin.

    A LOT of of work to make a camera out of a pumpkin, but a nicely made how to. BTW it was an Orange pumpkin that shoots 4K :)

  • Some Friday inspiration from this beautiful music video, Rippled


    In a week where there's been plugin launches galore, things have quietened down for the weekend. An ideal chance for some inspiration from this amazing music video. We were mesmerised.

  • Some sound inspiration from this friday's video


    Sound is always the poor twin in the editing family so it's always nice to find a video where the sound drives the action. Our video offering to you in its normal friday slot is this clever mix of ordinary sounds into music.

  • Something completely different: Recording and mixing the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack


    We had a post on the forum that maybe we were getting a bit too FCPX centric. We agree and hopefully this will be a little break from the stream of Final Cut Pro news from the last fortnight. The Transformers: Dark of the Moon might not be Oscar material but boy do these sound guys have fun!

  • Sony F65 workflow for getting 4K files into Final Cut Pro and Avid


    If you are one of the lucky editors who will work with 4K RAW or SR codec footage from the Sony F65 camera, then you'll need to know how to get the footage off the cards and into your NLE.

  • Sony's PMW-F3: The promo's ''Convergence'' with short film