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  • Scott Simmons compares FCPX to iMovie and lists the similarities

    Take a look at the video above. The new FCPX in action? Wrong, it's an iMovie timeline worked up by Scott Simmonds. Looks slightly familiar doesn't it?

  • All FCP newbies should watch this video. A cool animation about scratch disks


    Some kinetic typography gives clear advice on how your scratch disk works in Final Cut Pro. Short but to the point and rather cool too. Video after the break.

  • F*ck You. Pay Me. 40 minutes of good advice on contracts and getting paid

    It is NSFW, but this video is jammed packed with excellent advice. How to ask for a decent daily rate, what should be in a contract, how to get paid etc.

  • Bruce Sharpe talks about PluralEyes in Final Cut Pro

    Two reasons for posting this video. The first is the fact that PluralEyes is a pretty amazing piece of software for synching clips and audio together. The second, well take a look after the break.

  • FCP X Presentation: The Bootleg Experience

    Those FCPX Presentations filmed from iPhones, iPads, Canons, Nikons, and Panasonics are starting to spring up across the net, like Pink Floyd bootlegs. Some have been filmed from bags, other like Emmanuel Pampuri's managed to get both presentation party and screen in shot, and with a somewhat frenzied sting on the front! Well done Manu for posting so soon. Part 2 after the break.

  • An EOS lens on your AF100 or NXCam? Focus on Birger

    Erik Widding of Birger Engineering demonstrates the latest working prototype of his Canon EOS to Micro 4/3, AF100 and Sony NEX adapters. These adapters bring the speed and flexibility of DSLR shooting to the AF100 and Sony NEX.

  • Zacuto launch new Z-EVF at NAB

    We're big fans of the Zacuto rigs, but that goes hand in hand with being 5D addicts.  Jens from Zacuto talks about the Z-EVF at NAB. Nice drop test. Apparently they've done drop tests from up to twelve feet high, so fairly robust as well.

  • Whatever happens on Tuesday, this guy has touchscreen Final Cut Pro editing now!

    We all want this and we completely agree with Jason Rose when it comes to editing and keyboards. However demoing FCP7 with a touchscreen seems slightly odd with the new version less than 48 hours away.

  • Pre-NAB buzz on the future of FCP from the guys who broke the SuperMeet rumour

    Check this out if you want to get the latest buzz on the new FCP and what's going to be what in NLE in the near future. The March 2011 Editors' Loungewas the 8th year of their annual NAB discussion panel and featured an influential panel of guest speakers: Steve Cohen, Terence Curren, Mark Raudonis, Michael Bravin and Lucas Wilson. The second part of the discussion after the break.

  • Final Cut Pro verses Avid


    Watch this video do the the tour of Twitter and Facebook posts. It made us laugh this morning. Video after the break as the poster frame has been set to black.

  • Digieffects convert all their plugins to FXPlug for GPU acceleration in Final Cut Pro

    Today Digieffects announced that they now support Apple's FxPlug technology across their range of plugins. This should bring speed gains in Final Cut Pro by utilising the GPU instead of the CPU.

  • Faster Navigation in Final Cut Pro, 7 tips in one tutorial

    Last night Simon Walker said to us at the UKFCUG meeting in Birmingham that he had a new tutorial coming out today. Actually it is about 7 tips rolled into one! Standby to edit faster and thanks again Simon.

  • 24 Canon 5Ds have a go at doing a homemade Matrix timeslice effect

    If we could get 24 Canon 5Ds together then we would have a go at this too. Yes it's been done many times before; what is interesting though is how they did it.

  • Law & Order promo shot on two Red Epics and yes it does look stunning

    This just popped up over the weekend. A pretty cool promo for Law & Order shot on two Red Epics. We do love DSLRs here, but we have to admit that this promo shot at 120 FPS looks stunning.

  • Nigel Cooper posts the first detailed review of the Sony NEX FS100E on DVuser


    Nigel Cooper at DVuser was a lucky man, he managed to get his hands on the new Sony NEX-FS100E before its grand announcement yesterday. Another post DSLR large sensor 5D killer? Links and a Sony demo video after the break.

  • Where do all those Hollywood sound FX come from? Watch a Foley Artist at work

    We came across this whilst hunting down another Vimeo video and we were hooked. Enjoy the skill and resourcefulness of a Foley Artist. Watching a horse trot past in a film will never be the same again!

  • Using ToonIt presets in Final Cut Pro for that cartoon look

    "How to achieve a cartoon look" is always a popular question on the FCP forums. Simon Walker has put together a quick run through of the presets in ToonIt, a cartoon transformation plugin for your footage.

  • How to condense down and archive those finished FCP projects using Media Manager

    An old but excellent tutorial. Media managing is hardly the most glamorous side of editing but it has to be done. Even though disk space is becoming cheaper by the day, you can't keep every take of every shot. This tutorial from Peter Salvia brought to you by his second glass of Amstel Light during some downtime during his laundry, will show you how to condense those finished FCP projects down. We had this video up for publishing before the free webinar was announced, a good primer for that one and a half hours maybe!

  • "It has the magic" Filmaker Mr Oizo doesn't hold back on the praise for the Canon 5D and the criticism for just about everything else.

    Whoa! This guy shoots from the hip. Of course I didn't mean with his camera on a brand new Zacuto waist rig, I meant he doesn't mince his words when it comes to the 5D. He does sum up the passion for this Japanese 'accident' rather well though.

  • Shooting at either end of the 5D spectrum. From pin sharp 3D to a lo-fi $25 Holga Lens

    Shooting 3D with two Canon 5D MkIIs? Apparently it was difficult to achieve because of the GenLock problem, but not for Damian Steck when he produced his Eyes Wide Open film in pin sharp stereoscopic 3D. Pin sharp that is if you're wearing your 3D specs for this anaglyph version. More after the break including news about the Holga.

  • Canon 5D Superflat Styles, Genlocking for 3D and One Patient Wife

    Most of us won't change out of the standard setting on our Canon 5Ds as we don't have time to experiment with the curves, but this guy has done if for you. Peter Miranda runs through all the 5D profiles, as well as the superflat curve. More after the break including shooting 3D on your 5D

  • Timelapse Fest, A GoPro crash off a mountain and a Philip Bloom 4 camera epic

    We felt a bit guilty posting a timelapse of an Avid editor the other day so to readdress the balance, here's a timelapse of an FCP editor at work on a GoPro project, he's on day 85 of 365. Loads more videos after the break including an amazing fall off a mountain.

  • Red Giant's Fast 3D Effects in Final Cut Pro

    In this tip Apple Certified Master Trainer Simon Walker shows you how to improve up your workflow by compositing elements in a virtual 3D space with reflections and glow elements, without leaving the Final Cut timeline. He emailed us saying "Why don't you show some of my tutorials". So we are.

  • Matthew Allard takes delivery of Sony F3 model number 00002 and posts some real life findings and video


    Jealous yes, very. Matthew Allard of Al Jazeera took delivery of a Sony F3 model number 00002 and immediately put it to work. How did it perform?

    **Update 2/3/11 Firmware update & news of a 8K sensor Sony camera possibly to be shown at NAB**

  • Arri Alexa: Now Lets Be Sensible About This

    Hilarious video. Clearly the recommended way to go about renting an expensive camera and getting the most out of it with a skilled operator. Not! More after the break.

  • Which Canon 5D Prime Lens? Compare These

    Never been sure which lens to buy next for your 5D? Thanks to Gebbs for this very instructive guide. More after the break when there's also a low light comparison test between the 5D and the Sony F3.

  • Timelapse? Who needs a DSLR when you can use GoPro?

    So we've been there before with our 1000fps slomos in Twixtor and in Motion as well. But while we were looking at DSLRs to create cool Time Lapse effects, there's always somebody out there tinkering with new cameras and FCP. More after the break.

  • Free FCP 3D Move Transition Template From Thomas Graziani

    This is a free 3D transition for FCP which Thomas Graziani has created and entitled 3D Flip. Links after the break.

  • Tyler Stableford: Explorer Of Light with a Canon 5D


    Tyler's one of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light as well as a multiple award winning photographer so clearly someone who knows what he's talking about when it comes to the 5D. After the break there's a behind-the-scenes look with this top adventurer photographer and videographer at work with two Canon 5Ds and an iDC rig.

  • Made from $7 worth of bits from Ikea! DIY 5D DSLR Shoulder mount

    It seems there's no need to spend thousands on rigs and mounts for your 5D when you can go to Ikea, spend $7 on a cutting board, use some old pipe and suddenly you've got a DSLR shoulder mount! More after the break.

  • Using Stills to Create Matte Effects for 5D footage

    It's the old problem on a 5D shoot, you're budget doesn't stretch to lighting your night time exterior to match that Hollywood blockbuster, so what do you do? Go with your underlit shot, and trust that the darkness reflects the mood you want to evoke? Well, here's the low budget answer thanks to Robino Films. More after the break.

  • Unboxing, assembling, shooting and reviewing the new Red Epic-M model number 00008


    A series of videos from Ketch Rossi and Steve Gibby following their 'Epic' adventure from the DHL man arriving to on location shooting with their Red Epic-M. Let's say that not only were these guys seriously excited, but also they were pretty impressed by camera number 00008. 

  • Draw Jopping Slow Motion with Phantom Flex Cam


    Ok, it's been a slow weekend for FCP news, so slow in fact that we thought we'd go super slow. Tom Guilmette got hold of a Phantom Flex camera on a recent Ping Pong excursion to Las Vegas. The results are awesome. 

  • The Ninja: A Powerful ProRes Solution for DSLR formats

    OK so here's the thing, you go and shoot with your DSLR, but now you've got to get your source files into an editable format for FCP. So cue a big fat file transfer. Wouldn't you prefer to simplify the system and record direct from to the Timeline? So here it is: the Atomos Ninja, which by-passes in-camera compression to record straight from the HDMI connector of your DSLR or camcorder directly to Apple ProRes. All the spec after the break.

  • Clip-on LCD Sony Monitor for DSLR Cameras

    We all know the limitations of the small low-resolution screens on DSLR cameras when we're trying to judge critical focus and exposure. There have been small monitors available before now, but Sony are trying to broaden the market and the CLM-V55 is a tempting, and relatively low-cost, option. Definitely a rival to ikanand Marshall. Thanks to CREWS TV for spotting this story. All the spec and more after the break.

    UPDATE: Marshall release a loop through monitor.

  • FCP Quicktips from Rob Imbs - Enjoy :)

    It had to happen. With the numerous FCP tutorials appearing on Vimeo and Youtube every day, Rob Imbs has published a rather brilliant 'How to?" or should that be "How not to?"

  • How to shoot kick ass aerials with your DSLR

    Adam Boozer from Jewell&Ginnie gives us an insight into shooting aerials out of a Robinson R44 helicopter. Some gyros, some Zacuto and a door missing. 

  • Zacuto takes on the Sony PMW-F3

    Zacuto bring their viewfinder and baseplate to the Sony PMW-F3. 

  • Using a 5D in a warzone

    Imagine filming in a war zone with a DSLR in extreme temperatures and terrifying conditions. Well Danfung Dennis does. He's  been producing incredible work from Afghanistan where he works as an embedded photojournalist.  He is currently working on his own documentary, Battle for Hearts and Minds, as well as having his footage featured on PBS Frontline.

  • Covering The protests in Egypt with a 5D and FCP

    DSLR News Shooter have just shared this story from Sky News, which was originally posted by London based camera man Duncan Sharp. Duncan used a 5DmkII to film some remarkable footage. Not just the perfect tool for the job, a DSLR was the only tool for the job given that the Egyptian authorities wouldn't let ENG cameras into the country. 

    UPDATE: New video after the break

  • Multi-cam DSLRs even at a wedding!

     Eric Kmetz of Epic Motion posted this multi-cam tutorial.This is very helpful for anyone who does multi-cam shoots not just weddings. Made with his iMac, his iSight, his iChair and most importantly his iBalls! See one of Eric's beautiful wedding films after the break.

  • Free 3D media to edit in FCP? Download it now...

    Boston based camera man Tom Guilmette shares his experience of shooting 3D, and the positives and negatives of the Panasonic AG 3DA1 3D Video Camera. This is an informed perspective so well worth a listen. Find out more about editing 3D footage after the break.

    UPDATE: Walter Murch's 3D verdict in (also after the break)

  • Canon 7D transmits pictures wirelessly with a Cube

    So you want to stream your 7D live from that helicopter rig because you've got a live Moto Cross event to web broadcast? Before the helicopter's control system would have interfered with the WiFi. Not now. Find out more after the break.

  • Cut Notes for the iPad

    Digital Rebellion have come out with a super cool iPad app. Can't wait to try this one out with FCP!

  • RED Scarlet camera caught on the way to CES show

    You have to admire that Tonaci Tran, he gets to see the right people at the right time with the right kit. On a recent visit to Red Studios, he managed to doorstep Ted Schilowitz on the way to CES with a Scarlet in his hand. Makes me smile that the video was hot on an iPhone though. Ironic?

     UPDATED 8th Jan  Ted & Scarlet camera get featured on Guardian TV after the break.

  • Who needs Twixtor to do 1000fps when you have Apple's Motion already?

    You've seen the awesome BMX videos posted here that slow down footage to 1000 fps using the optical flow plugin Twixtor. So why not use Motion instead? Watch the tutorial then see the result after the break.

  • STORM: RED digital camera workflow on FCP.


    Visual Effects innovator The Foundry have developed STORM which assists RED Digital Camera workflows. There's a Public Beta available for download until 1 March 2011. Take a look here.

  • First Public Footage of Red Scarlet Fixed Lens Camera

    Tonaci Tran certainly moves and shakes with those RED people. He went to RED Studios to work on the Santa Fe 3D Workshop and got to handle the Red Scarlet Fixed Lens camera.

  • Cinevate Rigs and a brave cameraman

    This short piece would surely upset the health and safety people so we better keep it hush hush. Still it just shows you what a bit of invention and a lot of balls can do! 

  • Sony's PMW-F3: The promo's ''Convergence'' with short film

  • So we missed Halloween, but here is how to make a camera out of a pumpkin.

    A LOT of of work to make a camera out of a pumpkin, but a nicely made how to. BTW it was an Orange pumpkin that shoots 4K :)

  • Shane Hurlbut and the Redrock Micro ManCam

    Shane Hurlbut ASC talks about HDSLR filmmaking and his use of the Redrock Mancam rigs.

  • Tutorial: Balancing your DSLR on a Glidecam

    How to balance your DSLR on a Glidecam 4000  Good info on picking the right model & operation. Don't forget to check your drop time!

  • Stream the HDMI output of your DSLR over Wifi using Teradek's shoe mounted Cube


    In the past it's always been a bit of a problem getting a monitoring signal out of a DSLR so other people can watch. Indiespot.tv caught up with Teradek's Rod Clark at the DV Expo.

  • NSFW Wacom Pen Mouse Men make money

    Some people put in a serious amount of time into their pet projects. Awesome!

    Money Money Money - "Gettin' Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen)" from Daily Planet ltd. on Vimeo.

  • BBC use cool 5D stop motion for Electric Proms trail

    Check out this cool stop motion sequence using the 5D to trail BBC "Electric Proms" from Brand New School.

  • Exposing the value of the 5D with the High Dynamic Range process

    This video, from San Francisco based Soviet Montage, highlights several clips made using their new High Dynamic Range (HDR) process.

  • Canon, Twixtor and a whole lot of splashback

    If I was 18 years old, Swedish and my name was Rickard, I'd like to think that I'd be pushing the envelope, and experimenting with my 550D and Twixtor to get some amazing results. I'd just make sure my mom didn't hang out the washing before I went out to get grungy! More cool Twixtor stuff after the break.

  • Rapture - Beautiful Images of American Southwest

    Phone Home from The Brothers McLeod on Vimeo.

    This is production footage Tom Lowe shot over the summer for his debut film, "TimeScapes," a modern portrait of the American Southwest, using Canon and Red MX cameras. Follow the film's production here.