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Something to do whilst we bite our nails waiting for the FCPX update! Blackmagic Design has published seven customer profile videos of professional colourists who use DaVinci Resolve.

We always like watching videos of people who are highly skilled in an aspect of TV or film production. Blackmagic very kindly pinged us the news that they have published seven videos of professional colour graders. This time they all work in Los Angeles.

They include

Dave Hussey Senior Colorist Company3
Siggy Ferstl Senior Colorist & Head of Telecine Company3 
Sean Coleman Senior Colorist Company3 
Jacob Rosenberg CTO & Director Bandidto Brothers 
Randy Coonfield Senior Colorist Shapeshifter 
Patrick Woodward Senior Colorist DigitalFilm Tree 
Andrew Balis Senior Colorist Hollywood DI
For some of the colourists, it's the first time they have talked about their craft. 
Now, a couple of bad bits of news. Although the videos are on Vimeo, even the greatest HTML embedders in the office couldn't transfer them on to this site as they are well locked down. Secondly, the videos are on rotation on the BM site, which means only two are available to view at any moment in time.
You can find the other videos on subsequent pages. Here here, and here. It is only the Company 3 and Bandito Brothers that rotate.
We watched the Dave Hussey and Siggy Ferstl videos and they are well worth a watch, even if a touch similar. Some good tips and career advice in both.
To watch the videos (we will have a word with BD and see if we can be put on the embed list) please head on over to the DaVinci Resolve page on the Blackmagic design website.