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FCPWorks presentation 1

FCPWORKS has just published videos of three of the presentations from their recent event in Los Angeles. Alexis Van Hurkman, Sam Mestman and Bryce Button are all on stage.

As much as we would have liked to attend the recent FCPWORKS event on Final Cut Pro X, unfortunately for us it was 5,500 miles away in Los Angeles.

Never mind, FCPWORKS has very kindly published three of the presentations online which means we can get to see what went on without having to go anywhere near an airport!

First up is Bryce Button from AJA. He talks about the AJA Io 4K with capture and output via Thunderbolt 2 with the new Mac Pro.


Next up is Sam Mestman from FCPWORKS talking about Spending More Time on your Story. He's heavily into metadata and demos RED footage from a feature film working with Shot Notes X. The app is not available yet, but keep an eye on the Kopto Studios website for more information.


Finally in this first set of videos is a presentation from Alexis Van Hurkman. He talks about FCPX and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve round tripping with 4K color grading workflows.


We are looking forward to the next set of videos which should hopefully include Apple's presentation.