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chromakey shootout fcpx premiere

We have a challenge for you. Matt Davis recently posted that Premiere 'out chromakeyed' Final Cut Pro X in tests. He has kindly posted his media (Alex Gollner against green) for everybody to try out.

We were slightly surprised at Matt's finding in his article, with Premier having the edge (sorry) over FCPX when it comes to chromakeying. He said that there was a 'client visible quality difference' that made him use Adobe's NLE rather than Cupertino's finest.

Take a look at the results for yourself, they all zip by rather quickly. You might want to watch this on fullscreen to see the differences.


Well, to our eyes, the FCPX reference does look slightly rough, but has Matt tweaked FCPX for the best results? There are a lot of adjustments within the internal keyer that could improve results.

We asked him to post a sample of the original material for everybody to have a crack at achieving the perfect key. If you think you can do better, then please post a link to your uploaded movie or still on our Forum.

Download Matt's Chromakey Original Footage

Maybe we can organise a prize for the best key, we think that the Forum users should probably decide the winner. You can of course use any NLE or indeed third party plugin of your choosing!

We will be very interested to see the results, especially from third party plugins who claim to do a better job than any of the NLEs.



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