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FCPdotco version4

We have been very busy over the weekend and although from a quick look it doesn't look like it, this site has had a complete update. Can you help us to make sure everything works ok?

One thing for sure, to stay still on the internet, you have to constantly update. That might sound like a contradiction, but these days leaving old versions of software running on servers is just asking for trouble. We have been hacked twice this year, not because our software versions were very old, but the fact they were not the latest and thus suffered from known exploits.

So we bit the bullet this weekend and upgraded the site. This isn't just a task of clicking an update button, there are many different add-ons and components that have to work together.

So, first of all the good news...

The site is a lot snappier and pages load a lot quicker for us on a good internet connection. There is also added functionality as well as a smart make-over on the Community pages. You will see that there is now a large graphic as a cover photo on each user profile page. Please enjoy uploading a replacement of your choice!

And the bad...

Although our web programmer has been bashing the site on a ghost URL for a few weeks (sorry for those emails that went out accidentally,) not everything has been tested. It is almost impossible to go through every instance of functionality to check things are working as they should. 

So if you find something odd, even if it's just a layout issue, please let us know and we will try to do our best to fix it.

A few things we do know about...

  • Some avatars have been lost in the upgrade. We will try to get them back, but uploading them again would help. If you have never uploaded an avatar, please do as this helps us spot who is real and who is a spammer.
  • Difficulties in logging in and not receiving email confirmations.
  • In certain cases, text might be difficult to read. The CSS should act site-wide, but there are some sections of the site that think they are on a white background.

If you could let us know your problems either by contacting us on email, or in the Facebook comments below, it would be appreciated.



We're aware that FB comments are in black and unreadable.
We are working on a fix!