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tour de france fcpx

This is something that we don't really do, trail an article, but this time it's well worth it. How the Tour de France was edited on FCPX for UK broadcast television.

This article will take time to write. Why? Because nobody has done this scale of quick turnaround production with Final Cut Pro X on XSAN before. There is a lot of new knowledge.

Four main edit suites, all with highly specification Mac Pros, 70TB of Xsan connected via SANLink 2s, fast local Thunderbolt 2 storage and AJA IO 4Ks. 2 Mac Pros with SANlinks and AJA 4Ks running Softron's MovieRecorder for ingest. Throw in a couple of iMacs and a silver Mac Pro for the web guys. We had a lot of kit.

So did it all work? What did we learn? How fast could you edit?  - You will have to wait until the article gets written, but let's just say we probably built the fastest, most advanced editing suites working on a sporting event this Summer. And boy did they deliver.

The article will be published as soon as we can, in the meantime, here are a few iPhone photos from the installation:


ingest tdf fcpx

One of the 4 edit Mac Pros

macpro tdf fcpx


Connected to: The rock solid AJA IO 4Ks

io4k aja fcpx tdf


The Promise SANlink 2s (note dual fibre)

promise sanlink tdf fcpx


And fast promise Pegasus 2 Thunderbolt RAIDS

promise pegasus tdf fcpx



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