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fcpx shared storage PDF

Alex Snelling and 10 dot 1 have just published a new version of their PDF which details the many different workflow scenarios when using Final Cut Pro X. So how much has 10.1.2 changed things?

We're all very familiar with using Final Cut Pro X on a single machine, but things get a bit more complicated when we have multiple users and shared storage in the mix.

This free updated PDF authored by Alex Snelling and published by 10 dot 1, condenses a lot of knowledge into its 66 pages. It starts off from the beginning, detailing the basics of where FCPX stores media, works though simple collaborative workflows & remote sharing, right up to a workflow for 4K dailies in feature film production. The PDF also details the changes the 10.1.2 update has brought, such as where to save those cache files.

We have first hand knowledge of a multi-user environment on shared storage and although things are relatively simple, there are things that you need to be aware of when setting up. This document has done the hard work for you and is an essential read if you are going to be sharing media or working in a multi-user environment.

Download FCPX In a Shared Environment.

Visit the website of 10 dot 1



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