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Unfortunately for us on the right side of the pond, the scheduling of the the Final Cut Virtual User group doesn't really work for us. Good job they have just posted the recording of last nights meeting!

We did think of staying up and watching, but the days where we could function normally after going to bed at 3am have long gone. We really wish they would hold the show at 10:00 PST which means Europe could enjoy it live too.

Back to the show and a couple of new guests joined the regular lineup of Alex Lindsay, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer.

If you've been listening to the FCPX Grill podcast, then Chris Fenwick needs no introduction. He's been in the video business for 30 years and is a big fan of FCPX. We have featured his tutorials right here on FCP.co.

Noah Kadner is an old friend and we were very pleased for him when he got a new job as Marketing Director for FCPWORKS. He spent the last few years working at Apple with the FCPX team, will he divulge any secrets?

Last up is Mike Matzdorff, he's worked on some pretty impressive films over his career as an assistant editor. Maybe the one we are interested in is the Hollywood feture that's been edited on FCPX. We hope to have some very exciting news about that in the near future.

So fo all those who were asleep whilst this was on air, here is the YouTube recording:




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