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blackmagic 2014 banner

In a word, cameras. Lots of them. A couple of other headlines, some interesting monitors and a copy of FCPX on the very 'Resolve & Eyeon heavy' stand. Keep reading as Resolve gets improved integration with Final Cut Pro X.

As much as we tried, we couldn't get Grant Petty's video presentation of the new products for IBC 2014 to embed on the site. To view, go to the Blackmagic site and look for the small box overlay in the bottom right of the main panel.

When walking on to the Blackmagic Design stand, you think that al the monitors are running FCPX. Unfortunately not, they were all (except one) running either Fusion or the new version of DaVinci Resolve that will be released by the end of September. Read the Press Release for a full list of features here. We will let you find the rather amusing mistake.

Interest to us was the better integration of DaVinci Resolve 11.1 with FCPX:

"DaVinci Resolve 11.1 also features dramatically improved integration with Final Cut Pro X that allows colorists to spend more time grading and finishing projects, and less time recreating elements from editorial. There is improved support for Multicam clips, Synchronized clips, and mixed frame rate Compound clips. Speed changes with Bezier curves are now imported from Final Cut Pro X, along with settings for frame blending and optical flow retiming. In addition, Compound clips can be broken apart and renamed in the Resolve timeline."

The news of the acquisition of visual effects and compositing tool maker Eyeon is huge. Will Blackmagic follow the Resolve pattern and make a free version available? Interesting times.

There was a rather lonely copy of FCPX demonstrating Thunderbolt to HDSDI using a Mini Monitor on a MacBook Pro. One note here, on the back of the EVS announcement yesterday, we asked if Resolve would support growing files. It doesn't.

 blackmagic 2014 2


Did we mention there were a lot of cameras there?

blackmagic 2014 3


There we also two new sets of monitors on the stand. 

The Blackmagic Multiview 16 allows 16 HDSDI sources to be viewed on an Ultra HD monitor.

"Blackmagic MultiView 16 outputs both 1080p HD and native Ultra HD over SDI and HDMI monitors, making it possible to use professional broadcast monitors or the new massive Ultra HD consumer televisions for incredibly sharp, high resolution multi view monitoring that is twice the resolution of traditional HD multi viewers. Customers can choose layouts from 2x2 for 4 sources, 3x3 for 9 sources and 4x4 for 16 sources."

Pretty impressive for $1,495.

blackmagic 2014 4


Also impressive was the 19 inch rack mount SmartView 4K. Priced at $1,995, it will be available in December.

"SmartView 4K is a professional Ultra HD broadcast monitor with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160, an amazingly bright LCD screen with a wide viewing angle and advanced broadcast features such as 3D LUTs, adjustable on screen markers, H/V delay, blue only and more.

SmartView 4K features multi rate 12G-SDI inputs that automatically switch between SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. With 12G-SDI, SmartView 4K is an incredibly future proof design with unprecedented full resolution Ultra HD high frame rate support all built into the attractive thin rack mount design"

blackmagic 2014 5


And of course, more cameras..

A 5D Frankencamera

blackmagic 2014 6


blackmagic 2014 7