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Inspired, that's how we feel on a dull Thursday morning. Why? Well that's because we have discovered Mrs Williford's lessons & tutorials on FCPX at Hendrickson High School in Texas. Welcome to the future

When we first came across these tutorials, we didn't really realise that they were part of a larger scheme of teaching. They originate from the audio & video production course taught by Abby Williford at the Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas.

We were curious to know more, so we got in touch with Abby and she very kindly responded:

"I try to make little tutorial videos for my students in case they need to review or if they just need to see it again, pausing and starting at their own pace. I started teaching Audio/Video Production a couple years ago and used only iMovie. By the end of the year, students were pretty much bored and kept asking to do more and more that iMovie really couldn't handle. That's when we switched to Final Cut Pro X. I still don't think I can cover all that the software has to offer in a year but those students that want to explore more always find cool things and techniques to add on their own."

She went on to mention that she's looking to expand the learning with Motion for the creation of graphics.

We are inspired because it's great to see high school students being taught video editing and also the fact they are using Final Cut Pro X. Equipping young people with modern video skills is very forward thinking and having that knowledge will benefit them in the future, just as students came out of education 20 years ago knowing Word and Excel.

This should be a warning to industry veterans that have turned their nose up at FCPX. Students now think nothing of editing HD material on the desktop or publishing to YouTube, it's just an everyday occurrence in their life. That is how video will grow over in the future, everybody will be shooting, editing and uploading.

We were impressed with Abby's regularly updated website that tells the students what they are going to do and how they can earn points by completing different tasks. It makes us want to join in, maybe Ripple should sign her up!

Abby also gave us permission to embed a selection of her videos. All worth a watch for two reasons. You will get a good idea of the depth of understanding the students will have on FCPX, plus, you might also learn something!

Reverse Speed Transform Changes


 Stop Motion in Final Cut Pro X


Record Voiceover in Final Cut Pro X 


Williford Classroom Procedures Review

This tutorial tells the students how to set up a project and save in the classroom. Although not relevant outside of the their classroom, it made us smile as we know a few editors who would struggle to get 100!


Many thanks to Abby Williford and Hendrickson High School. We wish her and her students all the best with their FCPX studies.


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