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2014 FCPX user stories

We take a look back at the Final Cut Pro X user stories we posted during 2014 on FCP.co. The year started early with 10.1 and the new Mac Pro, high profile jobs and announcements over the Summer and finished off with some very creative examples of FCPX in action at the end. Enjoy a jolly good read, we did!

Ok, Christmas and New Year is done, so back to the website. Let us take just a moment to look back on some great FCPX user stories that ran on 2014 on FCP.co

We started right after new year with a home-grown article on using FCPX 10.1 and a new Mac Pro on a real UK terrestrial broadcasting job. 

mac pro ob

As we were the first to get our hands on a new Mac Pro in December, this was one of the very early articles that showed the power of FCPX with the new machine. Just as a follow-up, we have it on very good authority that the new version of the EVS software, Multicam 12, does indeed output proper ProRes files with timecode that can be read by FCPX. Watch this space for more news on that soon.


In February, we went on a fly fishing tour! 

flyfishing iceland fcpx

Adam Loretz produced this corporate film for a client with lots of different cameras producing a lot of footage in different formats. FCPX handled everything without a problem on a MacBook Pro including four camera multicam interviews. A good example of a very professional corporate film produced on FCPX to a tight budget.


In March, Jonathan Gilbert at Anchour told us about how his company used FCPX in a corporate environment. He produces some cracking pictures from his Canon 5D MkIII using a Raw workflow which end up in FCPX. 



Also in March, Gary Yost told us about The Invisible Peak, a superb short film about the history of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County in the North San Francisco Bay Area.

The creation of 'The Invisible Peak'

invisible peak fcpx

All shot on a Nikon DSLR and edited in FCPX. The film has gone on the be shown at many film festivals. His amazing timelapse sequences are worth a read of the article alone.


The beginning of April brought us the story about a the making of a Vimeo Staff Pick music video called Dreaming'.

dreamin fcpx user story

Sam Petersson told us about the combination of FCPX and DaVinci Resolve with R3D files. Dreamin’ by Pillar Point was directed by Jacob Krupnick and shot on a MōVI-mounted Red Epic.


Right foot down, fast through all the NAB news and into June for an FCPX user story on racing vintage Porsche cars.

Final Cut Pro X post produces the story of nineteen Porsche 911s racing through East Africa

Charli Randall from Circuit Pro explained why they chose Final Cut Pro X over Adobe's Premiere Pro to edit their broadcast productions.


The next day brought us the first FCPX user story from FCP.co contributor Thomas Carter. 

Read how the new Sony Xperia commercial got cut on Final Cut Pro X

Read how the new Sony Xperia commercial got cut on Final Cut Pro X

A superb article from Thomas that goes into a lot of detail on how to make a commercial using Final Cut Pro X. Watch out for his next FCPX user story for a commercial that has a twist!


At the end of June we published one of the shortest, but certainly the most inspirational FCPX user stories. Deliberately hidden behind a rather vague headline, this story got re-posted and shared everywhere. 

Controlling Final Cut Pro X without a keyboard

An amazing story from Chris and a very good point to wrap up the first half of our look back at the 2014 FCPX user stories we have featured here on FCP.co. 

So if anybody asks what's been cut on FCPX, you now have a URL to direct them straight here.

Writing these articles takes time so many thanks to all our contributors, part two for stories in August to December will follow shortly.



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