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From editing broadcast sports for transmission through to assembling your child's local league matches & sports, this $49 kit of Sports Graphics from Idustrial Revolution adds that professional look.

Idustrial Revolutuon has just released a $49 set of plugins for Final Cut Pro X called XEffects Sports Graphics that consist of a kit of parts in graphics to help with the editing of sports.

The built-in templates in FCPX might be ok for the occasional lower third, but there isn't anything comprehensive enough to give a sports or competition programme/YouTube clip an overall look.

The collection was put together by a broadcast sports graphic designer and a lot of thought has gone into supplying the right graphics and templates.

The plugins are very flexible too. All the templates feature 6 built in colour palettes or the user can pick their own colour selections to match a broadcast identity, corporate colours or a local club team strip. There are Build-In and Build-Outs on every design for animation, or turn them off for cut to cut overlays.

All the text can be entered from onscreen and the inspector gives fine control over things like kerning. You are not locked into a set number of items in a table, if there are five teams in your league, the template can have the blank rows hidden and then the whole thing centered. A nice touch is the ability to add team badges.

The promotional video was built in 4K, so make sure you go fullscreen for the full effect! 


- Six preset colour palettes in every template or choose your own
- Use any font, any colour, any size
- Build In & Build Out animations on every template or toggle off for cuts & dissolves
- Many display options and positioning on every template
- Drop Zones for team badges and photos
- Layer up titles for 'Change ons'
- Loopable background & two wipes included
- 4K Ready

As the plugin is distributed via FxFactory, there is a free watermarked trial for you to try out the plugins yourself.

One thing the pack doesn't have is a time counter. This is because Motion cannot offer a reliable way of building a counter plugin that works correctly in FCPX. If one becomes available in an update, Industrial Revolution will be the first to use it in this pack!



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