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coremelt timecode freebie fcpx

It's not a Friday, but this set of free plugins from Coremelt couldn't wait. Want a free plugin to get timecode overlays on a clip in Final Cut Pro X? It is just a download away!

Coremelt has released a free set of plugins for download that includea a very helpful effect. Source Timecode allows the user to display the source and record timecode of a clip superimposed on the video. Editors will be rejoicing over the planet!

coremelt timecode freebie fcpx 2

The plugin is configurable to allow the source, record or both timecodes to be shown. Various other controls handle the size of text, colour and the backing.


Go to download page.

We should't forget that this free plugin is part of a pack of 43 free plugins that include the DSLR flat plugins and samples from Cormelt's other plugin packs.




Roger from Coremelt told us more:

 "We’re pleased to be able to plug the hole on one of the most requested missing features in FCP X. Our CoreMelt Free pack of plugins has been around since the FCP 7 days but we are at the moment working on updating it to focus on other missing holes in FCP X specifically, so expect some more freebies from CoreMelt soon.

Other Free plugins already available from CoreMelt include our DSLR Deflat plugin and Black Magic Cinema Deflat plugin both already included with CoreMelt Free and a fish eye removal tool for GoPros available in the Lock and load installer.”

 Lots of debate going on about the plugin over on the Coremelt section of our Forum.

We are however slightly disappointed that it has been up to a third party to bring this functionality to FCPX. Many people have requested this feature and surely a source timecode overlay wouldn't take a huge amount of engineering to produce. If Apple should implement a configurable metadata overlay feature that can be toggled on and off from the Inspector, then yes we could see that taking resources. In true Apple style it would probably be very clever and very extensive. 

This free release follows a similar move from FxFactory who published the very popular Timecode plugin that allows a floating timecode window to be displayed over FCPX. Again, another case of a third party picking off the low hanging fruit that Apple (sorry) should have addressed. We can almost hear the Premiere fanboys saying that they have had these functions for years. But then again they also have tracks!




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