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Frame.io has just released a standalone application for Final Cut Pro X that allows editors to easily publish full timelines or clips to their web based viewing and approval service.

How do you go about getting approval from a client via the web? Kick out a 1080 or 720 Apple device setting .Mov and then upload it to DropBox? It works, but it takes a few stages to organise and the end client has only got the option of watching the movie. No notes, no version updates and definitely no way to annotate the movie without logging down notes manually.

So how about being able to share dailies or masters without having to build a string-out and uploading those with just a few clicks? 

The combination of a Frame.io subscription and the new application looks like it just might make things a lot easier and quicker.


All pretty impressive stuff, especially with the custom export destinations directly in FCPX. Yes you have to have a subscription, but there are many different plans to suit everybody and we are sure that it will soon pay for itself with the time saved. Of course it will also make collaboration easier and make the whole process look more professional to colleagues and end clients.

frameio fcpx app 3


Artists and editors can use Frame.io's new FCP X companion app to:
• Quickly and easily publish an FCP X timeline for work in progress review
• Upload Digital Dailies with synced sound
• Share a full timeline or selected clips from a timeline with your team for vfx or color grading.

Features of the new companion app allow editors to:
• Use markers in FCP X to upload select clips
• Exclude clips that are disabled in the timeline
• Range-select a portion of the timeline to upload to Frame.io
• Embed FCP X notes and keywords into clips, which are searchable from Spotlight


“Frame.io is an extremely elegant and intuitive environment that was built by artists, so it just works- the way artists expect it to”, said Emery Wells, CEO of Frame.io. “Our new seamless integration with Final Cut Pro X is another great example of why. Whether you’re uploading digital dailies with synced sound, or sharing media for VFX or color grading review, what used to take 10 steps now takes just one. Instantly select and publish whichever clips or timelines you choose- including the notes and keywords- with the ease and simplicity you expect from Frame.io.”

 frameio fcpx app 2


Looks like there has been some familiar faces working with Frame.io to build the service into providing a dailies delivery service for feature film production:

“Frame.io is the best collaboration tool I have used. It helps me organize, communicate and solve story and creative issues in faster and more fluid ways,” said Michael Matzdorff, first AE of the recently released film, Focus and author of Final Cut Pro: Pro Workflow. “The Frame.io companion app enables one-click publishing from Final Cut Pro X and streamlines crucial communication every step of the way.”


We are impressed. We also think this is another great tool to expand the FCPX ecosystem and with the new companion application Frame.io will gain many new users, from Hollywood right down to the single one man shooter/editor. 

In fact we just might be after an account ourselves to give it a test!



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