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fcpx-dawg pu plugin

You might have caught Matt Smith's launch of his quirkily named free plugin earlier this week. 'DAWG PÜ' adds some 'dirty soul' to clinical video footage. 

We always like to support new plugin writers here on FCP.co and Matt Smith got in touch about his new free plugin, so we thought we would step right in. Dawg Pü is a plugin designed to take the edge off that clinical looking video. We asked if there was a demo video available of the plugin showing how it adds 'dirty soul' to video. There wasn't, but Matt has very kindly just published  one!


Dawg Pü was inspired by Dog Schidt Optics who specialise in bespoke Lo-Fi photographic and cine lenses built from old optics. The optical flaws from such lenses have been replicated into the free Final Cut Pro X plugin.

Matt explains:

"Dawg Pü is an effects plugin for FCPX that mimics “desirable” characteristics of old, bad, damaged and/or modified lenses. It is designed to give footage shot with clinical modern glass a organic, analogue feel. It is not a “film look” effect and is designed to be used in addition to (usually after) any other colour correction and/or grading.

I recommend using each variable of the effect in moderation. The FCP 10.2 update allows masks to be applied to all effects. I recommend applying an inverted mask with a wide falloff to Dawg Pü if you want a subtle effect that mimics “characterful” corners (or of course if you wish to keep specific areas of the image clean). However please note that the Barrel Distortion and Pincushion Distortion effects may create unwanted artefacts if used in conjunction with masks."

The plugin is of course free and doesn't contain any copyright protection. He's also keen for other people to help develop and take it further:

"Please feel free to share Dawg Pü with other FCPX users. Any feedback or suggestions for improvement will be gratefully received. If you modify or add to the plugin yourself, please send us a copy!"



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