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The problem with MAMs or Media Asset Management systems was that they were expensive and required a lot of hardware to service them. Not anymore. The newly launched KeyFlow Pro is $299 and can run on a MacBook Pro. A very interesting new app.

Up until now, the use of MAMs in video editing has been only for large installations who can afford the installation and support of such a project. 

KeyFlow Pro has jut been released and is set to change all of that. For just $299, any user who needs their video files cataloging and organising can run a MAM that has been designed to work on a Mac and of course integrate with Final Cut Pro X.

We first heard of KeyFlow Pro in a presentation by Matt Geller at a LACPUG meeting. Matt's job is designing workflows for large clients, so for the app to get his evangelism it shows that it's to be taken seriously. His half an hour video also gives a very good tour around KeyFlow Pro and indicates how the user might use it in a standalone and collaborative environment.

Malgn Technology, the South Korean company behind KeyFlow Pro has also produced this three minute introduction to the application.



So why would you need KeyFlow Pro?  Have you many different Thunderbolt drives with video files that you have to swop out to find them? KeyFlow Pro can catalogue all those files and produce H264 proxies so you don't have to have all those drives connected to work out what is where.

That's just one simple example, but you can build quite complex workflow procedures using automatic job processes and watch folders. KeyFlow Pro also benefits from being written for the Mac using up to date features available in OS X such as AV Foundation. Metadata gets carried through the application, as does the coloured tags you'll be familiar with from Finder.

For small workgroups, being able to log on to another user's KeyFlow Pro library then search and transfer footage over without interrupting their editing is a feature that hopefully will make the swapping of thumb drives a thing of the past. It can also be done over a VPN which would make it ideal for remote users who have to find and retrieve files.

However the one feature that gets us excited is the integration with Final Cut Pro X. Not only can you drag and drop files from KeyFlow Pro, but with the addition of FCPX Agent you can export directly to the app using just a custom destination. (FCPX Agent is a free add-on)


You might have gathered that we are pretty excited about this application. Final Cut Server was branded as media management for everyone, but it was too clumsy and required a degree in computer engineering to instal and manage. looks like the opposite of that, a new lean and mean organisational application designed from the ground up for Mac users.

There will be a lot of people at the upcoming IBC show in Amsterdam who will be very keen to take a look at KeyFlow Pro. There will of course be others who have just seen their cash cows wander as the server version is already in development.



Native All Media Types Support
KeyFlow Pro supports almost all kinds of video, audio, image, documents and extras. (incl. Keynote, Pages, Numbers and iBooks files)

Selectable Import Options
You can choose either ‘Copy to library’ or ‘Leave files in place’ when you import media files.

Finder Tags Integration
You will be able to see the same Tags in the KeyFlow Pro and Finder.

Apple Maps Integration
Displays assets with location information in the Map view mode.

Low-Res Video for Preview
The fastest H.264 transcoder for preview embedded.

Searching on Path Name for Source File
You can search and preview files with the path name even when the hard drive is offline.

Custom Metadata Set
You can configure custom metadata set with user-defined metadata field easily.

User-Defined & Automatic Workflow
You can assign workflows to specific project(automated job process), or apply a workflow to the asset selected anytime.

Watch Folder
Automatically import files to specified projects in KeyFlow Pro library using Watch Folder.

Camera Device Auto-Detection
When you connect the camera device (e.g., iOS devices), it will automatically shown in KeyFlow Pro.

Drag & Drop to Other Applications
Drag and Drop media files directly from KeyFlow Pro to other applications.

FCPX Agent for KeyFlow Pro (Optional)
Inside Final Cut Pro X, you can export media files directly using FCPX Agent we provide separately.

Share Libraries with Coworkers
The remote users can search, preview and download the files on your shared library.




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