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fcpx v Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro X's speed and thus the benefits are gradually becoming recognised by editors in the industry. So on a new Retina MacBook Pro, how does Adobe's Premiere Pro match up to FCPX's performance, especially with 4K? Badly as Max Yuryev found out in his video. We are looking forward to the comments about this one!

We came across this video when writing the recent article on the new Retina MacBook Pro and Max's observations and tests echoed what we found. He went a lot deeper and performed more tests between the 2014 and the 2015 machines.

He also included Adobe's Premiere Pro on the test and this is where is gets interesting. We thought that Premiere would almost match up to FCPX's performance.

How wrong we were, FCPX completely destroys Premiere in the tests. The results start about 4 minutes into the video as the tests are really meant to help decide which model of MacBook Pro to buy.

A couple of thoughts here. First is the fact that Max doesn't seem to have a hidden agenda unlike some other 'testers' out there. Secondly FCPX doesn't have many options that affect performance and output. Premiere has many, many different settings and options that can be tweaked, but it looks like Max's knowledge is more than good enough to have made this a fair test.

Is he right? We would be very interested to hear if anybody else has conducted similar comparisons.



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