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timecode window bug fcpx

We have had an email from a Final Cut Pro X user who decided to upgrade to El Capitan. Unfortunately, he reported that the timecode viewer in FCPX looks like it has some major display issues running with the new OS.

Two days in to the new OS  X 10.11 El Capitan release and it has been interesting watching the third party software companies post if their products are compatible or not.

We had an email from editor Tim Moran who found that the update had caused the timecode window in FCPX to display incorrectly.

He found on two machines that a thin bar or glitch gets displayed 

FCPX EC bug1



Slightly more worrying is the fact that the text doesn't match up to the numbers!

FCPX EC bug2



So this morning we asked on Twitter if users were experiencing the same problem and two FCPX users came right back with exactly the same issue.



We have had another two users confirm they have the same display problem.

Why is this happening? One user reported to us that his timecode window was behaving properly with El Capitan. Could it be to do with third party software being installed as we are sure that Apple would have spotted this problem before releasing 10.2.2?

So don't panic if your Timecode window looks like it is drunk! It is a bug. We don't know why it is happening so we cannot say if a 10.2.3 update will fix it or if it is a problem with El Capitan itself.

Thank you to everybody for the information, especially Tim.




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