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walter-murch 2015

Rick Young caught up with Walter Murch right after the SuperMeet in Amsterdam. He starts off with a question about Final Cut Pro X...

Walter's list of film credits is impressive, but that's not the reason we listened to the interview. We were keen to listen to Walter, not because of his pedigree, but because over the last few years, he has cut feature films on FCP7, Avid and Premiere Pro.

Our friend Rick Young at Movie Machine has interviewed Walter on numerous occasions and in this latest meetup, his opening question is about FCPX. It is fairly obvious that he still feels hurt about Apple's rather abrupt ending of FCP7 and he freely admits that he hasn't cut anything on FCPX yet. 

Avid gets a brief mention, mainly for its lack of audio flexibility over 25 tracks. Walter's praise for Adobe is exactly that, he doesn't gush about Premiere, but what he does like is the company's willingness to listen to professional editors and act quickly on their feedback. 

We won't detail all the content, but let us just say that Rick asks some great questions. What we will say though is Walter's summary at the end pretty much matches our exact thoughts on Final Cut Pro X and the industry.

We also have a sneaky suspicion that he would like try out FCPX on a project....