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FCPX news graphics final cut pro x

Want to build a professional looking news bulletin right in FCPX? Idustrial Revolution has just released a $49 set of plugins called XEffects News Graphics that allow Final Cut Pro X editors to do exactly that. You can also pull apart their demo video too should you wish!

There has been a trend over the last year with news graphics. Out is the 3D rotating globe look that originated in the eighties. It's now all about getting the message over with a sharp, clean flat look. 

Idustrial Revolution has taken inspiration from national and international news broadcasts to create XEffects News Graphics. This is a $49 set of plugins that consist of all the elements an FCPX editor needs to build a news bulletin. Just add your news and presenter.


If you want to see how the promo video was put together, the FCPX Project & Library are available to download for free from the News Graphics webpage. 

Rather than be constricted by one large template, each element has been built as a separate item which can be timed perfectly to suit the presenter and/or news footage. An effect called 'shrink back' handles all the DVE moves so there is no keyframing or clumsy drop zones to contend with.

- Six preset colour palettes in every template or choose your own
- Use any font, any colour, any size
- Build In & Out animations on templates to choose between cuts & adjustable animations
- Many display options and positioning on every template
- Shrinkback effect controls all video DVE moves without keyframing
- Not locked in to a single template, layer many elements on top of each other
- Colour shaded background, transition & title wipe included
- 4K Ready

We can see this set of plugins being used not only for broadcast, but for corporate and education productions that wish to have a news section in their programming. 

The set of plugins are distributed via the plugin management system FxFactory and therefore have a free watermarked trial available. (Which means you can tinker with that Project with a couple of clicks.)

They have also produced a tutorial video which shows exactly how a multi-layered part of the promo was built.


One disclosure here. Idustrial Revolution helps keep the lights on at FCP.co by paying for the main share of the hosting costs for this website. So, we might be slightly biased, but knowing the amount of work that has gone into getting this plugin right, we give it a thumbs up.