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overlay morphcut

On the day we all went Back to the Future (Part 2) Final Cut Pro X got functionality that many users have been requesting -  shot number and file name overlays. No FCPX update, It took a third party plugin. Morph Cuts also came to FCPX, again via a third party developer.

There is no doubting the huge success of the FCPX ecosystem. It has helped fill the holes left in Final Cut Pro X and its workflows from day one. From outputting audio, converting XML, to the now vast pool of effects plugins, developers have been busy making products.

We already reported on Coremelt's free plugin that can add a source and record timecode overlay to clips. Now they have just announced an update that allows the filename and shot number to be displayed as well.

A great addition from Roger at Coremelt, but there is the accompanying sigh of frustration that goes along with knowing that a third party has had to plug the gap in the functionality.

Coremelt has produced this video about the Source Timecode plugin, it also shows how to install it along with a range of other free plugins.


Next up is an exciting plugin from MotionVFX called mMorphCut that emulates Adobe Premiere's tool by performing a morph between clips. Designed so you can eliminate jump cuts or not resort to plastering over the joins with b roll, this $59 transition plugin will help when you need to boil down that interview.

We can see some of the joins, a touch too Max Headroom for us and we are not too sure legally if this will be allowed by some news channels, but it looks like a very clever tool that is going to save a lot of time. The obvious use is adding fluency to corporate speakers by taking out the errs, ahhs and stumbles. 

What we haven't seen yet is the plugin working on video that isn't an interview or presentation. How about doing morphs between packshots that have been filmed on greenscreen for example?



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