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We hope you have a large coffee ready this Monday morning as we are publishing all the videos from the recent FCP Exchange event in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Before we dive straight in, just a word to say that there is now an FCP Exchange section on our very popular Forum. Noah from FCPWORKS is the moderator, so if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, you can be sure he will read them there!


The first video features Sam Mestman introducing the FCP Exchange Workflow Series and previews the first session’s presentations.


Marc Bach talks Final Cut Pro X Indie Workflow at FCP Exchange including a look at Automatic Duck’s Ximport AE plugin to move timelines from Final Cut Pro X to Adobe After Effects.


Mike Matzdorff shows how to handle studio feature level sound turnovers and post-production interchange with Final Cut Pro X.


Sam Mestman and Philip Hodgetts talk plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X including Idustrial Revolution's News Graphics, Color Finale and Lumberjack System.