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compressor server

Jasper Siegers very kindly sent us this information about how he uses Compressor Server, free open-source software that his company developed. As part of the trio of Apple's Video Pro Apps, it is good to see this often overlooked programme get a big functionality boost. You want watch folders or want to set up a cluster? Jasper's app might just be the solution.


I wanted to let you know about Compressor Server. This is free, open source, software that will allow to setup automated workflows, auto mounted shares, health monitor for compressor and contains a job overview website for Compressor.

compressor fcp.co server 02

We are a Dutch broadcaster and are also completely working on Final Cut Pro X. We have 10 editsuites, and around 25 connections to our SAN (including servers and ingest sets).

A while ago we had to choose a new transcode server. We’ve tested a couple but our Mediaroom kept saying they wanted to use Compressor. From their point of view it’s a good choice. I mean, Compressor works great with Final Cut Pro X, is easy to use, really fast and the quality of the files are excellent. Did I mention it’s cheap?

But from my point of view as a system engineer it was…not so good. Compressor Clusters kept stalling or crashing and you had to reset or repair Compressor all the time. Also what I greatly missed was the ability to setup watch folders. Our previous system worked that way and that fitted very well in our workflow. You’d simply place a file in a watch folder, that file would get automatically transcoded and sent to the destination.

I noticed that you could script with Compressor and figured out a way to get Compressor more stable by automatically resetting or repairing Compressor.  Then I built some scripts to get a workflow going. One thing led to another, fixed a bug here, added a feature there, made a GUI around it and we ended up with something pretty awesome!

compressor fcp.co server 01



We decided to open source this project to see where the community could take it. So I’m pretty excited to announce that Compressor Server is now available on my GitLab webpage for free.

You can get a copy here: https://gitlab.com/jsiegers/compressor_server/

I do want to point out that this software is designed for other system engineers. I did my best though to make setting up as simple as possible so everyone should be able to use.

Also please note that the software still hasn’t reached version 1.0. The current version is 0.9.6 but it’s allready pretty stable.  Hopefully when other people start contributing we’ll get an even more awesome application.


 Jasper Siegers. Sr. System Engineer at eo.nl


 Dutch National Broadcaster EO pairs Cantemo Portal with Final Cut Pro X



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