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Didn't manage to make it to NAB this year and missed out on the FCP Exchange presentations? Don't worry, we are publishing them right here. What were you going to do this Tuesday morning?

This year's NAB was a show of changes. Everything is smaller, cheaper and faster. The floor talk was about 360 video, Thunderbolt 3 and what can handle 8K. But situated in the hotel next door was the FCP Exchange suite - and for us it had the most interesting presentations of the show. All about Final Cut Pro X and the growing ecosystem.

We are very happy to be able to present the videos from the event. What you won't see is the Apple presentation as that was under a strict NDA which all attendees had to sign. However, we will hopefully have every other presentation taped, edited and viewable right here.

We must also thank Bill Davis for doing all of the incredible work of editing these clips down in FCPX (sometimes in mid-presentation) and also to Mark Spencer for designing the 3D title animations in Motion. Also a final mention to Noah from FCPWORKS who holds the whole thing together.

NOTE: Noah tells us there is a bug inbetween iOS and Vimeo- if you cannot see the videos on portable devices, hit the try again button. 


We start off with Sam Mestman who gives us a state of the union. 


Next up is Tim Dashwood and Alex Gollner who talk 360 VR. (BTW standby for an amazing stereo VR user story coming soon!)


We move on to Mark Spencer and he shows us some Motion power tips.


Finally for the first set of videos, we have Wes plate from Automatic Duck who reveals his new product.


A very big thank you to the presenters above. If you have ever had to do a public demo of software, you'll understand the huge amount of preparation work involved.

We will feature the next four videos tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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