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A big update to a very popular plugin. Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central has announced the launch of Color Finale Pro for Final Cut Pro X

Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central has been the main force behind better colour (sorry we use the UK version) correction in Final Cut Pro X.

He started with a comprehensive set of tutorials for colour correction with FCPX's internal tools, was the first to offer LUTs and a LUT loader for FCPX and also was the first to offer a true professional colour grading plugin with wheels and curves. Phew! He has been busy.

When Color Finale was released, it proved to be a huge hit and now Denver has announced that Color Finale Pro is available.

Priced at $149, the Pro version expands the features available, but don't panic, the wheels, sliders, curves and auto white balance tools are all still there.

New in the Pro version is the inclusion of ACES technology. That stands for Academy Color Encoding System and enables the user to output to the color space of their choice.

Also new is a colour management tool which allows the same grade to be applied across multiple clips. Or in other words, change a grade on a clip and the other shots will change too. If you have ever had to go through a timeline (even with the index) then you'll know that this is a huge timesaver.

You can also save presets, make versions and share them with other Color Finale Pro users.


Want to try it out? There is a seven day free trial of Color Finale Pro, all you have to do is supply your email address. If you don't need the advanced features, the standard version of Colour Finale is still available for $99.

 A final note, as much as we love what Denver has done in designing professional grading tools for use in Final Cut Pro X, we just wish that these were the standard colour correction tools in FCPX!




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