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The FCPX TOUR@IBC videos part 3: Duncan Shepherd (USA) and Alex Gollner (UK) - 360 VR

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Time for the third set of videos we are publishing from the FCPX Tour@IBC 2016. Supermeet keynote speaker Duncan Shepherd talks 360 & Paul McCartney and Alex Gollner takes 360 video underwater!


In part 3 of the IBC video series we are diving into the deep world of 360 VR, we start with Duncan Shepherd. He has collaborated with world renowned clients, agencies and auteurs in TV Commercials, Film, Music and Corporate videos for over three decades. Based on the work he did on the Paul McCartney VR series, he explains the challenges and pitfalls of VR editing and compositing and why he finds that FCP X is the ideal tool for this.

Editing the Paul McCartney VR series - Duncan Shepherd - 22'


Next up, Alex Gollner (Alex 4D for the regulars) demos a complete 360 VR workflow based on a deepsea project he has been working on. If you don’t know what “equirectangular” means, or if you want to know more about how to use the Dashwood 360 VR tools, this is a must-watch.

The Complete VR Workflow - Alex Gollner - 24'


The next two videos coming very soon!



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