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Time for two more videos from the recent FCPX Tour at IBC. Two completely different presentations, one a large 72TB 3D project and the other from a FCPX veteran!


The Forever Project - Tom Sefton - 26'

Tom Sefton demonstrates why he has chosen Final Cut Pro above Premiere and Resolve to handle 62TB of RED Epic Dragon 4K RAW footage, 10TB of BMCC ProRes footage, 1,2TB of external audio clips and over 34.000 exported files for the groundbreaking 3D augmented reality “Forever” project.


Lumberjack - Philip Hodgetts - 13'

Philip Hodgetts demoes the popular Lumberjack logging system, that can save you lots of time preparing testimonial recordings. He shows how it takes just a couple of minutes from media ingest to timelines for each person and each topic with Lumberjack Keyword mode, and how to integrate other shoots into the same stringouts using Lumberjack Story Mode.


More videos soon!


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