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Politics comes to FCPX, but in  good way! Survey is a set of plugins that can display the Presidential election maps, charts and graphs right in Final Cut Pro X.


It may be chaos at the voting booths, but you can organize yourself for the results and avoid 51 layers on your timeline with UsefulFX’s Survey.

A set of 6 maps and 4 graphs show Electoral results, percentages/approval ratings, state—vs-state ranking, or even just colors to mark regions. These high-quality geographical maps can be customized for data, color, size, position, and legends, with labels for each state. All maps are at 4k resolution, so you can zoom and pan around to focus on any region with confidence.


(Right click for larger images)


These images also display the accompanying Titles that match the font family of the maps.

There are also 4 graphs, with the 3 of them displaying Electoral data, so 270 and 538 can be used as call-outs (for those who haven’t dared to risk trying to understand the mysteries of the U.S. Electoral College, there are 538 Electoral votes, which are distributed amongst the States by population - you need 270 to win). The last illustration is a circle graph that can be set as a percentage against any number you wish:



UsefulFX had this to say, “We got pretty excited by what we were getting out of our electoral charts, but realized to do more complete generic graphs, it would take much more time. We therefore decided to get the current set out the door before the election, and then add in more open graphs in a near-future update.”

To avoid burdening the Inspector, UsefulFX also said they declined to expose DropShadow parameters. Instead, they provide a Gradient generator which can be used to match the background in the other templates. This is good for DropShadows, or to include your own graphics or apply intermediate effects. These show how to add effects like a Drop Shadow to the Survey templates (or, frankly, to any title or graphic). In this case, we’re adding it to USA - Electoral Area, which displays each state according to it’s electoral weight.

1. We’ve already inserted the Electoral Area from the Generators tab, as well as the Upper Title from the Survey Titles section:



2. In the Electoral Area Generator, disable the Show Background toggle:



3. Create a Gradient Background from the UsefulFX-Survey generators. By default, it will match the background of the Survey templates.



4. You’ve now separated the foreground graphic from the background. Return to the Electoral Area generator, and find Drop Shadow under FCPX’s standard Effects - Stylize category. In this illustration, you can see we used the Search filter to find it more quickly. We then apply it to the Electoral Area generator. Remember, you won’t see anything if you haven’t disabled Show Background.



5. Tweak the Drop Shadow and Background, and continue to add any effect you like:



“We were pondering the election and the amount of graphics it requires, and how to avoid total chaos on the Timeline for our users. Obviously it’s better to do everything in the editing environment if you can, so you don’t have to go back and forth with your graphics apps, so the Survey set is a neat solution for this problem. Still, we wondered why we didn’t think of this when Canada was having it’s election, as it has only 13 Provinces and Territories. There’s always another election!”

UsefulFX’s Survey set is available at FxFactory. Current sale price is $99, normal price $129. More information on Survey can be found at the UsefulFX website.



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