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If you attended the FCPX World event in London last month, you would have seen Thomas Grove Carter, James Tonkin and Rory Cantwell/Byron Wijayawardenapresent on stage. Three Final Cut Pro X demos that we can now publish on FCP.co. Not to be missed!


Last month's FCPX World was a great success, we were there in the audience and you can read Alex Gollner's full report right here on FCP.co.

What we haven't been able to do up until now is embed the videos. Soho Editors have very kindly just allowed us to publish them right here.


First up is Thomas Grove Carter who gives us a demo titled 'Editing at the speed of Thought' Watch how quickly he can make a 60 second Audi commercial into a 30 second version. Don't blink!


Then came James Tonkin with 'Film Making on the Road' A look at how he shoots and edits 4K material for the Rolling Stones on tour. 


And last, but not least, Rory Cantwell & Byron Wijayawardena demo the FCPX ecosystem by running through a selection of products used whilst editing a SciFi trailer.


Huge thanks to Soho Editors again for organising the event and of course for letting us embed the videos.


We think that's about it for demo videos from the recent live events since 10.3 was released.


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