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You might have noticed a few changes around here. We have updated the website with a new look and added new functionality for the new year.

Back in 2010 when the website was first published, we didn’t know that it would grow into a resource that over a million people a year come to visit. We also didn’t know that we would have to keep upgrading the servers to cope with the terabyte of traffic a month!

Since the beginning we have been limping on with an old template that had many hacks just to keep it going. So we thought that to start 2017 we would give the site a very new, but still familiar look.

So welcome to FCP.co 2017!

A few things you might notice straight away (Apart from blockquotes working the way they should!)

The new clean look is built with a responsive template. Hopefully phone and tablet readers will have a better experience.

We have put the ‘Community Page’ on hold. It wasn’t getting much traffic and it also shuts down a potential outlet for spammers. We haven’t deleted anything and we hope to bring it back in the future.

Yes we have new adverts to pay the bills. These are now Google friendly sizes which helps a lot with advertisers now supplying standard creatives.

Finally, we haven’t finished tweaking the website.

You will spot that a few things are still not right, like the colour of the text headline in the box on the left. Some of the menus don't go to the right place in time either. Updating a resource of this size with some 2,000+ articles isn’t an easy job as you can imagine, so we are sure you might find the odd formatting issue scattered throughout the site - especially on our busy Forum!

With a dark template, it is hard to get the right balance between legibility and an attractive palette of colours for all the sections. We are still finalising colours and some tweaks are buried deep inside template code, so it will take a while to get it right with the actual website data.

 So enjoy the new year and the new look of FCP.co.!



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We are working on a fix!