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Andrew McKay very kindly got in touch to tell us about a vey handy free application from Studio Network Solutions. It converts a 'Managed Library" with media stored inside the bundle into a Library with all the media stored externally. A page to bookmark!

Matt Ratkowski from Studio Network Solutions writes:

When working with Final Cut Pro X in a shared environment, workflows tend to evolve. Many smaller workgroups begin by keeping FCPX libraries and their corresponding media in the localized, self-contained bundles FCPX wants to use by default. While this works fine for smaller, condensed environments, this workflow becomes less efficient with the addition of network storage and increased users/collaboration. When more users need more assets, it can be better to have media stored separately from their libraries.

We are providing a utility (link at bottom of this article) that can assist with the transition from the all-in-one FCPX library approach. The purpose of this utility is to migrate from a Final Cut Pro X workflow with consolidated libraries to a workflow that separates media from the library files without the hassle of manually going through each library and relinking media.

This workflow is preferred in a shared storage environment, as it improves collaboration by enabling users to share media across libraries without duplication. Further, this allows library files and media files to be located on separate storage tiers.

This app was created by our team to assist in copying consolidated libraries (where media is in the library) from one location to two other locations: one for libraries and one for media.

The utility will not change your original libraries! It will simply copy the library files and media files to the locations you specify. Symlinks will be created in the new libraries so that the new media will be linked to the new libraries.

To begin, download and unzip the FCPX Migration Utility.app.zip and run the FCPX Migration Utility.app. Follow these steps to proceed:

Transferring Render Files

The utility will first ask if you would like to transfer render files. The default recommendation is to ignore render files. This will save space on the new library storage.

Choose a Library Directory

Here you should specify a directory that contains .fcpbundle files. This utility will act on all .fcpbundle files located in the directory; however, it will not scan into subdirectories.

Choose a Media Directory

Here you should specify the location where you would like the Media to go. If this is a network location, please have the volume mounted using the protocol that will always be used for this volume (AFP or SMB). Inside the chosen directory, a subdirectory will be created per library named "(LibraryName)_Media."

Choose the Library Directory

This is the location where the new library .fcpbundle files will go.


Once the utility has completed, test your new libraries prior to deleting the old ones.


Download the FCPX Migration Utility App.


A big thank you to Andrew and Matt, this free app will help a lot of people, especially those on shared storage.