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Get Final Cut Pro X Lens Filters Plugins for $24

It's a quiet time for the FCPX community, so an ideal time to give a small plugin developer a bit of help. A new pack of Lens Filters from Jon Belew with a discount for FCP.co readers.

To be honest, we are still getting over the lust for a new iMac Pro, but things are slightly quiet at FCP.co towers.

An idea opportunity to tell you about a new set of Lens Filters plugins that Jon Belew has released. He kindly wrote in:

Lens Filters is an awesome new effects package designed for FCP X 10.3 and above. There are 13 different Lens effects designed to mimic camera lens filters such as Diffusion, Light Streaks, Underwater, ND, Fog, Gradient, and more! They are designed with On-Screen controls for ease of us

Normally priced at $49, they are on offer at a discount to $39. However Jon has offered FCP.co readers a discount of an extra $15 off by using the coupon code FCPCO15

We have tried it, it works and brings the set of plugins down to $24!


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