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We continue to publish the videos from The FCPX World event at IBC. And we start off with two highly anticipated presentations.

Sam Mestman talks about the Past, Present and Future of post production.

Sam Mestman (USA) is the CEO of Lumaforge, maker of the JellyFish and the ShareStation, shared storage platforms optimized for media and entertainment. Sam is also Founder of We Make Movies, the world's first community funded production company.

Sam explains why removing complexity and embracing change will be key to survive in the rapidly evolving content creation market, and how Final Cut Pro X will perfectly fit into this global evolution.


Ronny Courtens talks about Final Cut Pro X in Europe.

Ronny Courtens (Belgium) is a highly respected post-production expert with nearly 40 years of experience in the European film and television industry. He has lived in Darmstadt, London, Paris and Brussels working for major national broadcasters and post-production facilities. Impressed by the high-performance media servers made by LumaForge, he has joined Sam and his team to integrate their products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Ronny explains how working with FCP X at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London has led him to becoming involved in some of the largest FCP X integrations in Europe, and he shows how Final Cut Pro X has been embraced by prominent European broadcasters and production companies in every aspect of content creation.


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