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A few lucky individuals have had the opportunity to test out the new iMac Pro before the official launch. Vloggers Marques Brownlee and Jonathan Morrison give their first impressions of the fastest Mac ever built.

It has been a long time since Apple released a new Mac model aimed directly at the professional. That is all about to change as according to MacRumours, the new iMac Pro will be available for order from this Thursday onwards.

However, some lucky vloggers and editors have been able to their hands on a new iMac Pro and report their initial findings.

First to break the news was technology YouTuber Marques Brownlee. He gives his impressions after a week of editing with Final Cut Pro 10.4. (Its had been pointed out that there are 360 tools noticeable in the video)

His machine is configured as 3GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W, 128GB DDr4 RAM, 2TB SSD and a Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB GPU.

Not a huge amount of new information in there, but still worth a watch. A passing mention of the 10GigE connection is slightly odd seeing as that is probably going to be the professional's connection of choice. 

Jonathan Morrison also got to test the new machine with what looks like exactly the same machine config as Marques. Slightly disappointing that a minute in he starts talking about the desk! How on earth can you get a new iMac Pro and talk about the desk it is sitting on? And then the headphones! Well maybe we should blame Amazon Associates.

Thankfully, Thomas Grove Carter provides us with some real-life stats in this article over on Randi Altman's Post Perspective.

Next I decided to push the resolution right up and see how it might handle a ludicrous 8K timeline with footage shot on the Panavision Millennium DXL. With 8K ProRes 4:4:4:4 files, the iMac Pro played the sequence back perfectly. Even after adding a couple of color corrections and a blur to the clips it still didn’t drop a frame. I should add that this was playing back at better quality and without rendering. I’ll repeat that once more. 8K. Color correction. Blur. No Rendering. No “1/4 quality” BS. No frames dropped.

Which really grates here when you have had a week of Premiere failing to play back a single stream of 1080p without losing lipsync!


 No doubt there will be more videos and more information to follow.

UPDATE: Apple has confirmed on its website that the release date will be this Thursday, 14th of December.

UPDATE 2: At last some better figures. Photographer Vincent Lafore posts his findings on the iMac Pro including a 200-300% speed bump.

Update 3 : Craig A Hunter takes the iMac Pro for a spin with workflows in aerospace engineering and software development.


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