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Two Oscars in two years in the best live action short film category for Final Cut Pro X. This year's winners took to the Faster Together stage to talk about how the film was made, including a live demo from the editor of the Skin timeline in FCPX.

This was one of the presentations from the Faster Together stage at NAB that we were really looking forward to. 

Final Cut Pro X Design Manager, Colleen Pendergast interviewed Editor Yuval Orr, and Post Producer Tim Harms from the Oscar Winning short film 'Skin'. They discuss the making of the short, and how Final Cut Pro X was used to create this Academy Award winning film.

If you would like to know more about how the film was made, we published Ronny Courten's excellent article right after the Oscars were presented. Yuval goes into good technical detail about how the film was made, including why he prefers to edit on FCPX.

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