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We are very pleased to announce that FCP.co will be reporting from WWDC in San Jose next week. In fact we will be at the Keynote presentation and the State of the Union presentation. We can’t wait!

We have held off speculating about Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference in San Jose until now, when we can publish the news that FCP.co will be attending.

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We think this keynote will be very important for pro users as we expect the new ‘modular’ Mac Pro to be shown for the first time. So what exactly does Apple mean by modular?

Can you remember when Apple sold different spec machines under the ‘Good, Better, Best’ headings? Will the new Mac Pro be sold in different configurations that will then allow the user to have an upgrade path of CPU, GPU, RAM & SSD etc?

One of the great features of the old cheesegrater Mac Pros was the ability to build a three disk software RAID internally. It had four slots in all, but one was for for the boot drive. Storage has evolved, so could the new Mac Pro contain an SSD RAID? Would it have any storage apart from a boot drive? If the physical case for the new machine is going larger to defeat its predecessor's heat issues, the ability to just insert disks for storage would provide a very welcome cost effective media drive.

Or will the new Mac Pro just be a case that the user has to add modules to? Sure there might be a configurator that could build a custom Mac Pro for photographers & video editors, but it could also build a custom machine for 3D modellers, architects or developers using Xcode. We have to remember that it is not just the creative industries that use high-powered Macs. Every app on the iPhone has been compiled on a Mac for example.

The WWDC 2006 video of the launch of the Intel Mac Pro, a big step from the existing PowerMac, is worth a watch. It is also very interesting to see how they compare the new machine to a similarly equipped Dell. Phil Schiller mentions that there were nearly 5 million different build-to-order combinations!


13 years on, we expect Phil Schiller to bring us the news on the new 3rd generation Mac Pro as well. Lets’ hope he doesn’t just cut and paste his script from 2006! Will it be available to order from Monday? That really would be news.

Will this presentation end the current Apple basher’s favourite line of ‘Has Apple abandoned the pro user’? We would hope so as over the last two years, Apple’s done a pretty good job of releasing fast machines such as the iMac Pro and the regularly speed-bumped MacBook Pros.

Should any die hard PC users be reading this and want to chime in saying that they can build a more powerful PC for the money to run Adobe Premiere on, they really need to recalibrate their performance expectations a lot higher.

We can’t mention a competing NLE without mentioning a possible update to Final Cut Pro X, or maybe a glimpse of a new version? WWDC is traditionally the place and time for new hardware, so we think this is unlikely. However, we will be downloading it instantly if it gets released!

So no more speculation, the truth is we really don’t know. In a few days’ time in a large room in San Jose, hopefully all will become clear.

We can’t wait!