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Many people asked why didn't we do more tests with the new 16" MacBook Pro on the launch day. We can now explain why, we found an annoying audio bug with Final Cut Pro X 10.4.7 and Catalina.

The new 16 inch MacBook Pro is a great machine. Bigger screen, new keyboard, faster GPUs and more. A good update that has addressed many issues and it seems to have gone down well so far. 

We even managed to get our machine to playback 8K ProRes Raw on an 8K HDR timeline. Pretty amazing.

But when we came to edit our first look video, we found a problem.

Nearly everytime we pressed the space bar for play or stop, we got an annoying loud click from the speakers. Take a look & listen!


Not good and nothing we tried fixed it either, restarts, reboots galore.

Interesting that the music didn't click when it was played back using QuickLook or QuickTime player.

So having convinced ourselves there really was a problem, we contacted Apple. They saw the issue first hand and they are already investigating.

Ever got the feeling we might see Final Cut Pro X 10.4.8 out soon?