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We have liked LumaFusion since its release, but now a new feature has turbocharged the iOS editing app into a very capable, collaborative editing tool.

Luma Touch has updated the popular iOS editing application LumaFusion to version 2.3. Priced at $29.99 it is available for download in the Apple App Store now.

The strength of this app just seems to grow and grow and with the news of Apple Silicon in new Macs, we could see LumaFusion being used side-by-side with Final Cut Pro X.

New features in 2.3 include Multiselect directly in the timeline, Cut/Copy/Paste clip in and between timelines, pasting attributes to multiple clips at once, and a deep integration with the review and approval platform, Frame.io. 


If you watch the video, you'll see that you can upload ProRes media to Frame.io from FCPX. Then you can download the proxies into LumaTouch. You will of course want to do an edit, then when happy, export an XML out of LumaTouch. This XML will then relink to the ProRes files in Final Cut Pro X. 

This surely is the Holy Grail of mobile editing.

Being able to seamlessly get media onto the iPad for a client, producer or even yourself to edit with and then being able to get the edit back into FCPX with a couple of clicks - Well, we will let you go through the possibilities, we are thinking of editing sitting around a pool with a G&T.

We are a day late with this story as we wanted to check we had got our facts right about the roundtripping with Final Cut Pro X. We have checked, it is correct, but would really like to hear in the comments below from anybody who is using this workflow.

Exciting times.

New Features & Improvements


  • Select range with handles in timeline navigator;
  • Lasso-select in the timeline;
  • Tap individual clips to add and remove from selection;
  • Drag multiple clips in the timeline;


  • Cut, copy, and paste within a project and between projects;
  • Copy attributes from one clip to many selected clips;
  • Quickly change presets (transitions, titles, effects) for multiple clips;


  • Browse Frame.io media within the library;
  • View, reply, and add your own Frame.io comments directly in LumaFusion
  • Drag-and-drop Frame.io media to the Timeline;
  • Upload LumaFusion rendered projects with comments to Frame.io and then receive replies directly in the LumaFusion timeline.
  • Add comments offline and they'll sync automatically when you're connected to Frame.io


  • Keyboard shortcuts for different language keyboards
  • Added more resolutions and aspect ratios for editing screen recordings from iPhones and iPads
  • Movies exported to Photos are now added to a LumaFusion Movies album for easier management
  • Dozens of additional UI improvements


  • Export to Photos -1 error for some exports
  • Improved stability and performance