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We are very proud to launch our FCP Community page and Forum today. We have included some amazing functionality for users - profiles, groups, events and forum postings to mention a few, everybody is welcome.

We are totally dedicated to providing up to date information and resources to Final Cut Pro editors worldwide. With FCPX moments away, we hope these two new FCP.co website areas will build on our growing success over the last few months.

We've held off launching these for a couple of reasons. 1) We wanted to avoid the endless speculative posts, 2) It took us quite a while to program in the added functionality you won't find on a boring old straight forum.

So what can it all do? You might have noticed the two new menu items on the left. These are the two new main areas, all interlinked of course.

You can log in either by creating an account or by Facebook authentication.

You can posts status updates that will be seen by other community members. These posts can contain links and have embedded photos and videos.

You can reconnect to friends and send messages.

You can send out invites to join and to join groups

You can start or join groups specific to your location or skills. A good example here is MYFCPUG or Malaysian Final Cut Pro User group posted by Isazaly Isa. A great way to publicise your group or FCP related company.

You can post FCP related events that will appear in the FCP.co 'calendar.' Upcoming events also feature on the front page of the site. If you didn't know by now, hopefully we will see FCPX in action at the upcoming SuperMeet. The maps are cool aren't they? 

For the Forum, we are starting from cold today with empty shelves! If you have a question or have information that relates to FCPX and FCP then we would love to hear from you on the board. Your Q&A's will automatically load into your profile.

There is a lot more functionality built into the site that we will gradually enable once it grows, but we think we have taken an enormous step today and we are looking forward to you joining us. Why don't you give it a go right now, it's completely free!

It is going to be an interesting week (hopefully!)

We're aware that FB comments are in black and unreadable.
We are working on a fix!