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FCPX day two and we are starting to look into the new app a little closer and examine its possibilities and check out third party products. What plugins are available for FCPX? Will my old plugins work with FCPX?

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that yes, FCPX will support plugins. The bad news is that at this moment there aren't many companies out there making them.

The Apple website lists two companies, GenArts and Noise Industries. 

We have had a good rootle around on the GenArts website but there's nothing that mentions FCPX. This might be to do with the fact they are presenting at the SuperMeet tomorrow June 23rd.

We will post more when we know more.

Over at Noise Industries, it is a different matter. FxFactory has been upgraded to work with FCPX already and the trial version can be downloaded from their website. All the plugins work in Motion 5, some of the plugins from FCP7 won't work in FCPX though.

They are also the first company to have a video up of plugins working within FCPX.

So that for the time being is it. As we predicted, FXScript has been killed off which means plugin favourites like Nattress, Digital Heaven, Joe's Filters, and some CHV etc won't work. We have highlighted Automatic Duck's AAF & OMF audio tool Pro Export FCP 5.0 already.

Hopefully other plugin manufacturers will issue FCPX compatible versions soon.

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