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A few new plugins to catch up on after a busy week on the FCP.co campus. A mirror effect plugin for FCPX and a plugin that can change the weather with one click.

Plugin producers have been busy in the period after Christmas and it seems the new releases are not going to slow down anytime soon. Other NLE manufacturers please take note of the 'plugin big bang' of the FCPX ecosystem.

FCPEffects has released a new $29 plugin called Split View. This takes a clip and applies an adjustable mirror effect. The OSC gives you the ability to adjust the angle and the postion of the mirror.



Next up is PRORAIN from the prolific Pixel Film Studios. This plugin discounted down from $49.95 to $29.95 adds real rain to footage.

"With 25 unique rain composites to choose from, take your footage anywhere from a light drizzle to a tropical rain forest in the click of a button."

The video is a victim of the Vimeo compression, so if you want to see those raindrops then take a look at the larger video on the Vimeo page. 

Maybe it should have an option for umbrellas!




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