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Sony SR FCPX plugin


If you are one of the lucky people to be working with 4K Sony SR footage, then you will like the news that they have just released an import plugin for FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7.

You could consider this to be old news since we first wrote about Sony supporting 4K SR footage in FCPX way back from IBC on the 21st of September 2011! We were the first to spot Apple's icon in the 4k area on their stand and after grilling one of their Japanese software engineers, they gave us the nod.

Back to today and you can download the Sony SRPM-10 plugin to get your F65 footage straight into FCPX. You will also need the SR Viewer to rewrap the SStP (.MXF) files to QuickTime (.MOV).

SR Plug-in for Apple (SRPM-10) Version 1.0

SR Viewer (You will need the Mac Version!)

If it follows the path of previous Sony import plugins, you won't be able to optimise the media into ProRes. And of course we just remembered that sneak peak of the XAVC plugin in action at INTERBEE where you could see the SR Master files hiding in the browser.

We had a quick chat with our friendly Sony chap this morning, who with the help of a colleague will provide us with some more information on the plugin. More details when we have them.


We got this very helpful email from Nick Shaw that clears up some confusion. Well, we don't have a spare F65 lying around here for tests!

The plugin you link to is for SStP 1080p footage from the F65.  This will do nothing with 4k SR-RAW footage.  Also the other article suggests that 4k footage can be ingested faster than real time.  The Sony publicity material you show is to do with the SR-R1, which is a 1080p SR-Codec recorder, not to be confused with the SR-R4 4k (and 1080p SR-Codec) recorder for the F65.  The faster than real time workflow involves passing the MPEG-4compressed HD material over HD-SDI to an AJA device, so the speed gain is essentially equivalent to the compression ratio.


We expect to see some killer 4K FCPX demos at NAB with F65 footage. Not too sure how FCP7 will cope.


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