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macpro dead new product roundup

A busy week for news but maybe it will be remembered more by what products ended their life. We take a look at new software products and the end for some old hardware friends.

The MacPro is dead, well at least in Europe as new standard (Amendment 1 of regulation IEC 60950-1 Second Edition) means that the model cannot be sold anymore in that region. Resellers are fine to move existing stock, but Apple won't be replenishing them. More detail and an explanation why here.

macpro dead EU

If you need a MacPro in the UK, you can still order online, for the moment.

Outside of the EU you will still be able to buy MacPros, but with a sizable market gone, you have to wonder how long Apple will continue to produce the units for the rest of the world.

Although this seems bad news, maybe this is another indication that Apple have a new MacPro waiting in the wings to take over. We do hope so.


active storage closeEarlier in the week we had the news that Active Storage had shuttered its operations. The storage company was formed by ex Apple employees who brought the XServeRAID to market. You can see many obvious similarities in the new products they released when they went it alone. We have worked quite extensively with their shared storage products without a problem, so it is sad to see them close.

Although some staff have moved to Quantum, the company has not been absorbed, more information in this FAQ. You would have thought that somebody would have taken down the Active Storage website which bravely soldiers on regardless.

Cheeky rivals Promise are offering a discount on their machines for trading in certain Active Storage products in the US.


So enough of end of life stories, let's now look at what is new!


Budget plugin company Skippor have branched out into music. They have teamed up with music producer Marcus Illanes aka El Peligro to offer 16 background tracks called Film Music for download at $3.99 each. The whole pack of 16 costs $49.99.

The best bit is that you can use these tracks wherever you like and on whatever you like. So no more re-licencing or restrictions on usage 'other than the web' which some music companies insist on.

They have also released Overlay, a $6 set of six movie files (so they will work in other NLEs as well) that overlay on footage to give an overall colour vignette effect.


Lastly, it wouldn't be a week without a few more plugin releases from Pixel Film Studios.

Promorphic is a $29.95 plugin for Final Cut Pro X that adds one of 40 different anamorphic horizontal or vertical light flares. Not too sure if there is such a thing as vertically anamorphic shot footage, but you get the idea.


The second plugin is called Promono, a $29.95 collection of monochromatic and washed out looks or grades. There are 75 colour and 25 black and white grades which should be enough to get the subdued look you are after.



What we haven't included in this roundup is an update to a very popular plugin, some very cool looking grades for FCPX and a very exciting new iPad controller for Final Cut Pro X. If you want a sneak peak, then go on over to our Facebook page and please hit our page like whilst you're there.

Next week looks like it will be an interesting time!



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