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We have had reports in from a few sources that the top of the range iMac has had problems when running Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Surely the machine must have enough horsepower, what is going on?

We were interested when a few people sent us emails regarding their machines freezing when using either Final Cut Pro X or Motion 5. Interesting because we have been experiencing machine freezes on our brand new top of the range Retina Macbook Pro too.

It looks like we are not the only one as on the Apple Support Communities there is a long thread from a few disgruntled iMac owners who can show exactly how to lock up their machines.

One iMac user Surf City 1 can reproduce the freeze every time:

"If you want to reproduce the issue readily, add a Far, Far Away title to a new project, change text style to Dream. Snap. Done."

Another user NewMacForMe has a problem without touching anything:

"FCPX freezes on me every time I pull in the 'Pixie Dust' title.  As soon as it starts to render, it freezes.  Hard re-boot required.  I have tried many other titles and I have not seen the issue.  It seems to only be happening with 'Pixie Dust' so far."

If you take the time to read the whole thread, (all 7 pages!) it looks like it is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB graphics card that is causing the problems.

FCP.co forum contributor Tom Wolsky nailed it on the Apple page:

"This isn't strictly an export problem, and can easily be reproduced when working with the pixie dust title. I tested it in an Apple store. It worked correctly on all the iMacs except the 680MX where the machine twice froze and forced a hard reboot."

You will also read that the NVIDIA wasn't on the list of cards that were officially compatibe with FCPX. That list has now been updated with the GTX 680MX, but as you can see from the thread the issue hasn't been resolved.

Apple and the FCPX team are aware of the issue so hopefully we shall see a fix for this problem in the next update. If the problem only exists with cards with 2GB of VRAM, then why is our MBP freezing when it has the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with only 1024 MB? 



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