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Jonathan Richards at HY-FX filled a small gap in FCPX functionality with a one click colour cast removal tool called HYColour. Now HyColour Pro moves the plugin into advanced colour correction and looks building.

The Final Cut Pro X colour board isn't everybody's cup of tea as has been shown by the plethora of colour correcting tools and looks packages out there. 

HYColour was an interesting, inexpensive product as it removed colour casts from footage with a click and its simplicity proved popular with users.

HyColour Pro has grown up into a $45 colour correction plugin with a lot of added functionalty. Lucky for us we can show you all the new features in a minute with this video.


We were quite shocked that somebody could get that excited about masking!

Is there room in the market for an another look maker? This is not the only colour correcting plugin we are writing today about so maybe there is. Users are getting tougher to please these days with FCPX products but we think HyColour Pro will be purchased by editors with specific colour correction needs.

Jonathan has produced this twenty minute tutorial showing HyColour Pro in action.



If you don't require the new features, then the previous version HyColour 1.5 is still available priced at $25. We also believe that exisiting customers who have a HyColour licence will be able to upgrade for $25.


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