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classylook fcpx plugin

Color Grading Central have released classyLook, a $69 plugin for Final Cut Pro X that not only colour corrects, it also emulates old classic film dye emulsions. We have a 20% off coupon for today only!

Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central knows his colour correction. Not only does he grade for a living, he also runs one of the most popular websites for color grading tutorials and products for FCPX, DaVinci and Magic Bullet Looks.

In the dust busting wars of this week, Denver's announcement of a new product got a little lost in the Dyson strength social media storm. So let's put that right.

ClassyLooks is a $69 plugin for FCPX that emulates the subtle colour qualities of old film dyes.

"With classyLook it’s now possible to change the various densities in the red, green and blue channels though an RGB matrix. In other words it’s possible to duplicate 3 strip processes and various other film emulsions from the 60′s on through the 90′s. More than just a filter effect laid over top of your footage, you’ll be amazed by how classyLook digs deep into the colors of the shot to produce pleasing vintage like tones and colors."

Denver has very kindly extended his offer of 20% off for our readers. By using the coupon code fcpco20 you will get 20% off classyLook for today only, the 15th of February 2013. You will find it under the products section of his site.

Nice to see some subtle colour grading going on.


Key Features

  • Individual adjustments for the color density in the red, green and blue channels
  • Luma controls to adjust tonal curve to achieve condensed blacks as well as Log like gamma
  • Basic color temperature controls
  • Add 2.35:1 Letterboxing
  • B&W feature
  • Add customisable vignette

Denver has also made a video tutorial showing classyLook in action in FCPX.




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